Reading gives us some Place to go when we have to Stay where we are.

You don’t really need to Travel; all you need is a Book! Reading has always been a source of happiness for me, even though I love depressing books! Specially the ones that make me cry! 😂

I love Crime Fiction, Thrillers, Historical Fiction. But my favorite genre is Memoirs and True Stories. I do enjoy an occasional Contemporary read. However, I’m sort of over with Romance and YA genre. Classics and anything to do with Old English/Shakespearean style is something I totally dislike!

I have fond memories of my childhood with trips to the school library and other local libraries around town. The sheer pleasure of roaming through the winding lanes of bookshops and seeing the beautiful covers on display, is an emotion that only a true bookworm can feel!

There is so much happiness in simply talking about a book with someone else. Which is why I have been bookstagramming for a while now. Yes that is a legitimate word! 😂Bookstagram is a massive community on Instagram! As of today, there are 14.4 million posts with the hashtag #Bookstagram on IG. This community consists of book lovers, readers, bookworms and book bloggers from all over the world! I myself, have been book blogging and reviewing for a while now. My honest and witty point of views are under #NadirasPointOfReview. I also regularly review ARCs from Penguin UK, Harper Collins, FSG Books.

Browse through my book corner and let me entice you to pick out your next read!

Happy Reading!