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My very 1st Blog Tour! Thrilled to have partnered with Harper Collins and to introduce this exciting new read called Say My Name by Allegra Huston.

Synopsis: On meeting Micajah Burnett, the son of an old school friend, Eve Armanton is faced with a choice. Years of a miserable marriage means she’s as broken as the beautiful antique violin she’s just found, and Micajah offers a spark of life, an opportunity to reawaken her sense. If Eve takes a leap into this new world, she’ll be leaving behind her old self for good. Her happiness depends on forging a new life, but at the end of her journey who will Eve have become? This is the time to run away, she thinks, to call it a mistake, to race back to home and safety. If I don’t go home I will never feel safe again.’ It is an unforgettable story of one woman’s journey to self-empowerment.

My review will be up shortly, along with more exciting news about this book – so stay tuned!

Publication Date: UK/Ireland/Australia – July 27, 2017.

Publication Date: US/Canada – January 12, 2018