About Me

Aquarian by Birth. Engineer by Education.

Trapped by Occupation. Unique by Situation.

I am Nadira and that’s what my name means. Unique; Rare; Precious! Some label me as a Unicorn. But the rest call me Nadz. I am a Bengali, born and brought up here in UAE. A Computer Engineer who is tech-savvy and a lover of gaming and all sorts of gadgets! I also love reading. Geeky much? Oh well, I also love sightseeing and travelling to exotic places.  I’m an amateur photographer and a huge foodie.


Yep, welcome to my random world. This blog has been pending since atleast 2 decades! Nope, I’m not that old! But every time I would start working on it, my OCD will kick in and I would get super-obsessed with formatting the layout and colors. The perfectionist in me would just not let me kick-start this project. So I have decided to throw caution to the wind and just get on with it already!

I have two very active accounts on my Instagram where I blog and review. Do check out: www.instagram.com/nadirasworld and www.instagram.com/nadzonthego . But it’s time I combined it all together and bring it to one single platform.

This blog is all about my thoughts on everything I Love. And Hate. I want to talk about everything that interests me. Random topics of Food. Cats. Books. Travel. In the bottom of everything is my strong love for Photography and everything visual. I love vivid colors. So expect to see a lot of that in everything I do.

So, lets talk more as we go! Happy Surfing n Reading!