Blog Tour: The Silent Woman by Terry Lynn Thomas

Today is my turn on the #blogtour for The Silent Woman by Terry Lynn Thomas.

A gripping historical fiction set in the WWII era! Read the short synopsis below and see for yourself how wonderful it sounds – full of drama, secrets, espionage and murder!


Storyline: Would you sell your secrets? Catherine Carlisle is trapped in a loveless marriage and the threat of World War Two is looming. She sees no way out… that is until a trusted friend asks her to switch her husband’s papers in a desperate bid to confuse the Germans. Soon Catherine finds herself caught up in a deadly mixture of espionage and murder. Someone is selling secrets to the other side, and the evidence seems to point right at her. Can she clear her name before it’s too late?

I just got a copy of this book and I cant wait to read it! The cover just totally drew me in at first and it’s based in WWII era – what more do you want? Grab your copy of this brand new spy thriller now!  Available on

Thank you HQDigitalUK for this copy.

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