Here’s a very fun post for all you lovely #Bookstagrammers  out there!

I think there are a lot of awesome bookish  accounts out there and I would love to get to know them. So here’s a fun Shoutout and Follow session that I’m doing on my Instagram account, but with a twist and a surprise! I will call it the #3ReasonsWhy session!😉

Here’s how it will work (please read carefully):

🌸1. Follow me on

🌸2. Like my photo

🌸3. Follow my blog

🌸4. Tag THREE accounts that you would love to recommend (and more importantly, that you think I will love). Give me THREE reasons why u think these accounts are awesome. (If I like your recommendation and follow that account, I will give YOU a very special 3-REASONS-WHY shoutout  on my IG Stories.

🌸5. Shoutout for me on your IG Stories by tagging me and #3Reasonswhy anyone should follow me. I will enter all IG Story shoutouts into a draw on 1st Nov and you might win a gorgeous, colorful and handwritten postcard from my trip to Georgia!

👉Pssst: I have several #postcards up for grab!😉


It’s a win-win for all 3 of us – You, Your friend and ME… coz I get to discover some lovely accounts too😊


Let’s spread some good vibes, kind words and this multi-fold love and pay-it-forward support, because IG is being quite naughty & demotivating for everyone and we all love a bit of love anyway!😊🌷 .

PS: Remember

  • I love #aesthetic  pics a lot – whether #minimal  or colorful.
  • I love witty, sarcastic captions.
  • And I love diverse book reviews! So select ur #recommendations  with some careful thought!


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